Mulga Street Primary School


Our school provides a high quality educational program for all students. Students engage in a broad and balanced curriculum.

English and Mathematics

Strong literacy and numeracy skills are vital for student success in other areas of study, forming the basis of the curriculum. We are committed to ensuring students reach the highest standards in these areas and we support students in a range of ways to achieve at their highest possible level. In addition, those students who require additional support are catered for by special education teachers who work with classroom teachers and other support agencies to meet the needs of individual students.

Design and Technology

The school participates in a Water Watch program and has facilities and resources to support teachers in their classroom programs. Technology is a very important part of the curriculum. It goes beyond simply computers and information technology to include designing, making and appraising technological projects.

Health and Physical Education

Classes participate in daily fitness and weekly skills lessons. These lessons are in addition to programs provided by class teachers. We have a large hall with markings for several court games and practice boards for basketball and netball. The facility enables us to have both indoor and outdoor programs all year. Swimming lessons are included in the Physical Education program for all children.

The Arts

The Arts are strongly represented in the daily program at Mulga Street. There is a well equipped Art Room. All classes showcase aspects of the arts and other curriculum areas at weekly assemblies and on other special occasions such as the Junior Primary and Middle Primary/Middle School Assemblies.

Studies of Society and the Environment

This includes studies of culture, geography, history and environmental issues.

Languages other than English (LOTE)

Japanese, Reception - Year 7.

Specialist Non Instruction Time

Environmental Education including recycling and Landcare, Year 4-7.

Environmental program – Sustainability

Aims / Objectives / Purpose

  • Reduce amount of waste across the site (including canteen, pre-school and Mt. Gambier Children's Centre) by introducing sustainable programs
  • Include high level of student involvement - ideas - planning - implementation - review - maintenance
  • Short/long term planning - term by term programs - yearly development (class ownership of waste area) - future planning (budgeting and new initiatives)
  • Waste management knowledge and importance of building it into the curriculum
  • Create a culture of care, interest and involvement
  • Develop transitional understandings, preschool - primary - high school
  • Involve / educate the community
  • Sustainability timetable used across the site including Mt. Gambier Children's Centre and pre school to year 7
  • As a WOW (Wipe Out Waste) school we continue to provide and demonstrate quality practice and care for our enviroment

Moving to a true ECHO school

The message of sustainability and the educational value is important and hopefully it will be extended to Mulga Streets' extended community. Gail Lewis, the Middle Primary and Middle School Staff have supported the initiative. Careful attention has been taken to link with the SACSA (South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability) Curriculum Framework and the Schools Strategic Directions. WOW School (Wipe Out Waste) We are statewide WOW school (only 13 schools in private, independent and state schools including 3 in the country and one being Mulga Street). Wipe Out Waste is an initiative to involve neighbourhood schools to reduce waste. The challenge of zero waste is awesome.:

Clean up Australia (Mulga Street Community) is an initiative to provide student voice in environmental activities across the school Paper and card recycling, 10c deposit, Plastics recycling, Cartridge/toner recycling Assemblies reminders and advertisement of initiatives Celebrations with a “WOW” school celebration and a KESAB (Keep South Australia Beautiful) Excellence Award (Top 20 in the State!).


Solar panels have been installed on Unit 3 through a self funded initiative. The panels help cut the school's energy costs and also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Data and analysis can be collected and curriculum links are growing. Timers have been placed in a couple of high frequency areas eg the computer room.


Good practice, commonsense water use is encouraged at all times. Security taps, (taps you need a key to turn on) are gradually being replaced to ensure there is not indiscriminate use of outside watering areas (eg vandalism). Our second waterless urinal has been installed. These have significant water savings. The school estimates that this will reduce its annual water consumption by 200 000 litres. Our students have been involved in the local water watch program by stencilling public notices about the importance of local catchment areas and drains.


Our garden areas and the landcare area have been carried out over the last 4-5 years in different ways. KEMUST (Keep Mulga Street Tidy)and the adoption of areas for each class has grown to include the installation of underground sprinkler systems. The school is currently planning a planting/underground watering system around recycling areas (sponsored by a $1500 grant).